Ace Hotel in Portland, Oregon

Score: 4/10 (on Yelp)

Let's skip the rant about the "basic shared" concept (no bathroom and no shower in your room). Assuming you've read the description properly, you may know what you're getting yourself into, I didn't, that was my fault.

What I do not like, however, is getting to my room, start to fall asleep and have the hotel staff knock at my door at 11pm to tell me I was given the wrong room. What I do not like either, is smelly sheets. I think it's worrisome when a hotel cannot get their laundry done properly. And finally, you should just condemn the windows, it's depressing to have a window with a view of a brick wall 2 feet away, you're wasting energy heating up the room with zero benefits.

On a brighter note, the lobby was playing Africa by Toto when I got there.

Last updated: 2018-01-20 15:33:02 EST