Rowan's Creek - Straight Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey

Rowan's Creek - Straight Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey

50.05% (100.1 proof)
Clear glass, 750ml
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This whiskey comes in a pretty tall bottle that could easily be mistaken for a wine bottle. It is corked with a plastic cork in a clear glass bottle. The label mentions a "one at a time" batch production, and there is indeed a batch number on the back of the bottle, however that batch number is printed as part of the label, not added after the fact.

The label designer made an effort to make the label seem home-made, with a lot of hand-written lines and a dirty paper background color. I can count at least 10 different fonts and hand-writing styles on that bottle. The font on the main label is embossed, however, so this is not exactly handcrafted.


My first impression is that it smelled like Play-Doh, more seriously, like Marzipan/almond paste. I can find some maple syrup smell.


The Play-Doh/almond does not come through as much on the palate. At a 100 proof, this is pretty strong and burns quote a bit; there is very little smooth about that drink. There is a chemical taste that lingers and makes me feel like I've had heartburn for a few days due to breathing something ungodly.

General: 3/10

I would not get this whiskey again. It was frankly difficult to drink and finish. Since this whiskey won gold medals at the San Francisco World Spirits Competitions, both in 2005 and 2011, I must have a terrible palate for bourbon, or maybe I haven't had enough of it.

Last updated: 2020-04-29 18:44:10