cartman - Trac client command-line tools
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cartman allows you to create and manage your Trac tickets from the command-line, without the need to setup physical access to the Trac installation/database. All you need is a Trac account.



Latest tarball: cartman-0.2.2.tar.gz (18K, signature)


$ pip install cartman

config file

Here is a typical ~/.cartman/config file, with comments:

# Where your Trac installation is, use https if you need it.
base_url = http://your.trac.install/

# Put here your login and password.
username = tamentis
password = sitnemat

# If your site uses Digest for authentication, you can specify that here, the
# default is basic:
# auth_type = digest

# If your site is self-signed or if for any reason you want to skip SSL
# verification, set this to false:
# verify_ssl_cert = false

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