desktitle - fast desktop name management for enlightenment

Display the current desktop name on your desktop, allowing you to quickly rename it (double-click). This is aimed at users with a lot of virtual desktops working on a many projects at the same time, needing a faster way to organize their workspaces.


  • The pager module doesn't show the name of the current desktop.
  • When all your desktops look the same from the pager, the pager is useless, keyboard shortcuts are faster.
  • Renaming a desktop at the moment takes between 5 and 10 clicks and mouse movements. It's good but it only encourages you to name your desktops after a broad category (browser, music, etc..)
  • I want to experiment tagging my desktops for each project, version or branch I work on, I need context, fast. This seems necessary when working on dozens of project in one given day.

download & source code


You need Enlightenment DR17 1.0 fully installed. Then the procedure is simple:

make install

This is tested on Linux, if your OS is not covered, feel free to let me know or send me patches.

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