openqce - OpenBSD userland driver for Logitech Quickcam Express


OpenQCE stands for "Open QuickCam Express", it intend to drive your Logitech Quickcam Express from OpenBSD userland (using ugen(4)). The Logitech Quickcam Express is a little USB webcam with a 360x296 CMOS sensor (Agilent/HP HSDC1000) and an undocumented STV0600 ASIC. OpenQCE is currently only compatible with one version of this product as I only own one Quickcam Express, I might add support for other webcams in the future. OpenQCE is a cheap and ugly piece of code, I welcome generous donations in good BSD-Licensed code, patches or money.


WARNING: This experiment/code is obsolete and no longer supported, unless you are a developer trying to understand the quickcam express, gtfo. I doubt this still compiles anyway.


I got most of my information from reverse-engineering and reading websites about similar drivers or similar webcams.


Source code: openqce-0.1.tar.gz (10K, MD5: aaf65c7d5588966d8bd8b9f0c13533f9)


What can OpenQCE do:

What OpenQCE can't do:

Last updated: 2007-02-21 18:12:13z