openqce - OpenBSD userland driver for Logitech Quickcam Express

WARNING: This experiment/code is obsolete and no longer supported, unless you are a developer trying to understand the quickcam express, gtfo. I doubt this still compiles anyway.

OpenQCE stands for "Open QuickCam Express", it intend to drive your Logitech Quickcam Express from OpenBSD userland (using ugen(4)). The Logitech Quickcam Express is a little USB webcam with a 360x296 CMOS sensor (Agilent/HP HSDC1000) and an undocumented STV0600 ASIC. OpenQCE is currently only compatible with one version of this product as I only own one Quickcam Express, I might add support for other webcams in the future. OpenQCE is a cheap and ugly piece of code, I welcome generous donations in good BSD-Licensed code, patches or money.


I got most of my information from reverse-engineering and reading websites about similar drivers or similar webcams.


Source code: openqce-0.1.tar.gz (10K, MD5: aaf65c7d5588966d8bd8b9f0c13533f9)


What can OpenQCE do:

  • Displays what your webcam sees, live with libSDL and X11 or on sequences of pnm files (openqce_shot and openqce_sdl).
  • You can specify a delay and let openqce run in the background, it will shoot every x seconds (-p).
  • You can select three resolution : 376x312 (with borders), 360x296 and 352x288 (-s).
  • You can see raw data from the sensor or a fast interpolated image (-f).
  • You can dump all the registers of your webcam (openqce_dump).

What OpenQCE can't do:

  • Have a dynamic gain/exposure control.. or even a manual one. For right now it's static and unpractical, it will be fixed in the next version.
  • There is no white balance correction.
  • It doesn't feature a interpolation-sharpen-killer-filter, picture is good but could be better.
  • Save files as .png or .jpg.
  • Add text with ttf fonts.
  • Interpolate with another png (OSD).
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