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openscrolls - daggerfall opensource toolbox book reader

openscrolls is an attempt to create a set of opensource tools to handle the game data of the two first Elder Scrolls games namely Daggerfall and Arena.

Every year since 2006 I spend a couple hours figuring out how to decode the game data of Daggerfall. Since I learn new stuff every year, all the tools added every year are using a different language or library, excuse the mess. Here are the tools available at the moment:

  • - Application mimicking the in-game book reader allowing you to pick any book from your Daggerfall installation and read it exactly like in-game.
  • imgviewer - Image viewer for the few weird formats that can be found in the data, written in C/SDL.
  • menu - An attempt to replicate the starting menu using the core of the above imgviewer, but with only a couple hours it didn't go too far, written in C/SDL.
  • - SkyViewer in Python. Allow you to read the skys at different moment of the day, and activate the sun.
  • - Extract all the parts/records within a specific .BSA file. The Python class also allow to fetch individual records.
  • - Using the above to read MONSTER.BSA, this little tool will start parsing the default characteristics of the different monsters (uncomplete).
  • - Tool to see all the available glyphs in the fonts shipping with Daggerfall.


Scripts and source code: openscrolls-0.3.0.tar.gz (57K, SHA1: 5aa316abab5c88df3b663f599b7df4fc16b9a60f)

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