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rezerwar is a puzzle game that could be described as the illegitimate child of a known tetromino game and the average pipe game. It runs on Linux, Windows, Nintendo Wii (homebrew), FreeBSD, Amiga OS, etc. The whole game was created with open-source software including graphics, sounds and musics. Feel free to contribute.


ports and packages



how to play

  • Arrow keys (or hjkl): Move the blocks around
  • Space or A: Rotate the blocks clockwise
  • Return or P: Pause
  • Tab: Hold
  • F: Fullscreen (might not be available on your platform)
  • Escape or Q: Quit to menu
  • F12: Show FPS

We have a 9 lessons tutorial to get you started with the game, but since you like reading...

Cubes with pipes are falling from the factory, you need to use your arrow or vi keys to let the cubes fall in an organized manner. When pipes are connecting to the left or right side of the board, blue or green water will flow through them. The goal of this game is to get high scores, in order to get points you need to complete the longest networks of pipes (with water) as fast as possible. You may also gain points from:

  • Fixing a broken pipe
  • Completing a 'red' network
  • Not using the 'Hold' key, at all

You can rotate cubes with the 'a' or 'Space' keys, you can push the cubes straight at the bottom using the 'Up' key.

links, articles, reviews...

hacking, patches, levels, etc.

You can give away code (via patches), levels, music, graphics as long as you are happy with the public domain and/or BSD style distribution. I will be happy to receive comments and I will be even happier to receive contributions, check github for the last version:

If you plan on compiling rezerwar yourself, or if you're just curious, here are the requirements/dependencies. Anything after SDL_mixer is only required if you want to update gfx, sfx or musics.

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