termentis - terminal/coding font for large LCDs

This font was designed for one purpose: fit three terminals (or four for the 12px version) on a 1680 wide display without the loss of one pixel. To do so, my terminals are set with the following resource: XTerm*internalBorder: 0

This font is heavily inspired from the Terminus font and the work of Autun Ytterdal (ay AT linpro.net) and is licensed under the same GPLv2 license. The size 12 is missing a lot of UTF characters, fill free to fill the gaps if you need them.

I designed it working on a Unicode machine, I never tried it on latin1, if you are willing to make it work on a wider range of encodings, feel free to send me a patch.

In case you want to tweak, update, create, I used gbdfed to create this font.

news in 0.4

  • termentis12: Updated accented e's and E's to match non-accented ones


Source code: termentis-0.4.tar.gz (18K, MD5: 8b93e88a9fd6306f0674eea2c0edb6e1)


  • X11 or compatible display supporting pcf fonts.
  • bdftopcf (xfont-utils package in Debian)
  • GNU Make


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