unxtm - give my files back

Last update: 2007-02-28 12:47:35Z

unxtm is a 100-lines C program used to extract files out of XTM parts, archives, split pieces, call that whatever you want. I once had to extract files of this kind and thought I'd give others a way to do the same without having to use the hilarious ".exe" produced by "XtremSplit". Call this hate driven development.


Source code: unxtm-1.4.tar.gz (2K, Feb 2007, MD5: d039621bcc04c8ed489da24eabe9af5c)


sudo make install


Do you recommend anything to split files instead ?
On Windows, WinRAR has options to split archives, plus you can have several files inside of an archive, not just one like Xtremsplit. Unix tool split(1) can split files since AT&T UNIX Version 3 (long time ago). pax can also split in different pieces of archive... Plus *ALL* compression utilities can do that nowadays, you just need to select "No Compression" if you don't want it compressed...

Can unxtm create XTM files?
Hell fucking no.

Your software is not well written
I know, took me more time to type this html page.